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The Red Turtle

Monday 30 January 2017
6:30pm only


The Red Turtle – Monday 30 January 2017 6:30pm only
Tickets available from Thursday 26 January 2017
Directed by Michael Dudok de Wit
Japan 2016
80 mins Animation/Fantasy

The Red Turtle, from Japanese animation powerhouse StudioGhibl, is the feature debut of London-based Dutchman Michael Dudok de Wit, who won a short animation Oscar in 2001 for Father and Daughter. Studio Ghibli won an animated feature Oscar two years later for Spirited Away.

The film opens with a youngish man fighting for his life amid turbulent waves. We see his overturned boat. He makes it to shore.

It soon becomes apparent that he, like Robinson Crusoe, is alone. Unlike another well-known castaway, Tom Hanks’s Chuck Noland, he doesn’t talk to himself, or to a volleyball. In fact, this 80-minute desert island-based animated drama has no dialogue.

The man explores the island, accompanied by a chorus of sand crabs. There’s a funny moment where he vomits and the crabs react. There’s a nerve-racking scene where he is stuck in an underwater tunnel. He then builds a raft and sets sail, but the vessel is smashed apart by an unseen force. This happens three times before we meet the large red turtle of the title.


This is a film of two parts - the first part ends with the arrival of the turtle. The second reveals a new life for the man, still on the island but less alone, that may be real, or may be imagined or dreamed.

The Red Turtle is about the importance of life, big or small, and its interconnectedness. It’s a beautiful and thoughtful film.


“Dudok de Wit's sparse work acquires the power of a fable, leaping years and revealing images that have the timeless power of cave drawings. The final scenes are resolutely simple but deeply powerful, encapsulating life's passage”.
Craig Mathieson, The Sunday Age

 “The movie is so rich with texture, pattern, and subtle color effects and gradations that you're not just seeing a drawing move but running your hands over the imaginary paper the living images are flickering over”.
Nathaniel Rogers, Film Experience

“Like The Red Turtle's shipwrecked protagonist, you have to simply stop fighting the current and go with the flow”.
Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter


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