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The Lunchbox

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
10:00am; 2:30pm; 5:00pm and 7:15pm


India- 2013 -104mins. -Drama/Romance - PG One of Mumbai's miracles is the lunchbox delivery phenomenon. Mumbai's Dabbawallahs are a community of 5000 dabba (lunchbox) deliverymen. It is a hereditary profession. Every morning the Dabbawallahs deliver hot meals from the kitchens of housewives to the offices of their husbands, and then return the empty lunchboxes back to the homes in the afternoon. For 120 years they have provided Mumbaikars with a taste of home in the office. They navigate through the overcrowded local trains, and chaotic streets - that often have a namesake or more than one name. The Dabbawallahs are illiterate; they use a complex coding system of colors and symbols to deliver dabbas in the labyrinth that is Mumbai. Harvard University analyzed their delivery system, and concluded that just one in 4 million lunchboxes is ever delivered to the wrong address. ‘Dabba' is the story of that one lunchbox. A wrongly delivered lunchbox connects a housewife - Ila Vaid, to Saajan Fernandes, a lonely man in the dusk of his life. Ila lives in Kandivili, the conservative middle class Hindu enclave. And Saajan lives in Ranwar village, Bandra, an old Christian neighborhood that is threatened by the new high rises of Mumbai. Very soon Saajan will retire and bid goodbye to a Mumbai that crushed his dreams, took away his loved ones one by one, and turned his hair white. Just then Ila comes into his life. In the big city, that crushes dreams and recycles them everyday, both find a dream to hold on to. They exchange notes in the lunchbox and create a fantasy life. As the lunchbox goes back and forth, this fantasy becomes so elaborate that it threatens to overwhelm their reality.


The Lunchbox is either a piquant romance or a wise comedy. The director's confidence with such a delicate story makes it successful as both.

There are no big scenes or intense dramatic moments; it's filled with observational details about character and place, adding up to a subtle but memorable look at desperate lives in transition.

The Lunchbox is the kind of picture that envelopes you like a warm blanket, charming you with its slow-building affection and life-altering curries.

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