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Belle and Sebastian

Wednesday September 10,2014
10:00am; 2:30pm; 5:00pm and 7:15pm


Belle and Sebastian Life is on hold in this small village in the Alps: the German army has taken over the region and the villagers are understandably dejected. Then Belle, a beautiful sheepdog, arrives and chooses Sébastien (Félix Bossuet), a plucky little boy, as her master. Together, they defy the undecided who can’t choose between the Nazis, the Allies, the collaborators and the brigands, and offer help to those who are deserving... Nicolas Vanier has successfully adapted the famous 1965 TV series by Cécile Aubry for the big screen. Mehdi El Glaoui, who played Sébastien at the time, is back as a bad guy in this modern version. Fabulously shot in a magnificent setting that will delight mountain lovers, the film also profits from a well-constructed screenplay. A beautiful homage to postwar French cinema and to Cécile Aubry, who passed away just a few years ago.

Director - Nicholas Vanier

French - Subtitles

Running Time - 104 minutes

Rating - PG


"You don't really see many films like this anymore, there's no whiz bangery it's just a very simple story beautifully filmed."

"Look, I know it's full of clichés but it's such a delicate film. It won me over completely. It's so authentic."

"When you see the keyart images of a young boy with a beautiful white dog at his side, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a lightweight family adventure. The elements of Nicolas Vanier's enchanting film however, are far richer"

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