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St Vincent

4 February 2015
10:00am, 2:30pm, 5:00pm, 7:15pm


In St Vincent, Bill Murray works with an unknown writer/director, Ted Melfi, whose first feature (Winding Roads, 1999) never got released. Murray plays a man who drinks and smokes and lies around a lot, when he's not gambling on the ponies. His major exertion is to have sex once a week with a Russian prostitute called Daka (Naomi Watts), who's pregnant. Vincent has no job. He borrows against the value of his rundown house in the Brooklyn suburbs. He's decrepit and deeply unpleasant – the kind of guy Murray can play lying down. And he does.

Melfi's script goes out of its way to offend, partly to hide its sentimentalism. This is basically Little Miss Marker, the old Damon Runyon story about a bookie saddled with a dumped kid, but with full ashtrays and a brassy blonde hooker. Melfi takes the weight off Murray by adding two reliable comic actors – Melissa McCarthy plays Maggie, the single mother who moves in next door after a recent break-up. Her son, Oliver, (Jaeden Lieberher) needs after-school care so Vincent charges her $11 an hour to babysit. At school, Brother Geraghty, an Irish teacher (Chris O'Dowd), takes the boy under his wing. Oliver is Jewish, but that doesn't mean he can't learn about the Catholic saints and the church's many rules.

Vincent also teaches the boy, more by example. They go to the track and Oliver learns about trifectas and odds; when they win, they go to a bar and dance to a rock'n'roll jukebox. When neighbourhood kids bully Oliver, Vincent teaches him to fight. Faced with long hours in her new job, Maggie has no idea of the many new skills her son is acquiring. And of course, Vincent's atrophied heart begins to thaw, because this kid is so sweet.

Although we’ve seen it all before, there's no-one less predictable than Murray in front of a camera. Melfi just has to set up situations around him and point the camera. Murray does the rest, milking humour from his own physical disintegration. He looks older than his 64 years here, with thin hair and pallid skin and all the wrinkles of a man who has lived life the hard way.

Murray's face may be ravaged, but his energy helps to paper over the film's tendency to force our emotions. It's almost inevitable that things get icky with this kind of story. Murray acts as a handbrake on that, simply because we don't know what awful thing he'll do next.

Running time 103 min
Director Theodore Melfi
Rating PG (USA)

“It's a cliche, but cliches go on existing only because they go on being refreshed, and Bill Murray and friends bring this one back to life with deadpan flair and a vigilant eye for any disfiguring taint of sentimentality.” Sandra Hall, Sydney Morning Herald

“A movie with laughter, soul and a twisting path to the heart”. Peter Howell, Toronto Star

“Bill Murray is the drawcard, always enjoyable as a rogue, witty eccentric and he does a great job with what he has”. Andrew L Urban, Urban Cinefile

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