Membership Benefits

Annual membership of the Noosa Film Society is currently $60. Benefits include:

  • 20 films each year plus special screenings.
  • A choice of four sessions each screening to attend the film. Screening dates are on the home page.
  • Admission to only one session (either 10:00 am, 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm or 7:15 pm), space permitting, at each regular Film Society screening (excluding special events). Please note this does not guarantee a seat at your chosen session. Tickets can be obtained up to seven days in advance from the Noosa 5 Cinema box office.
  • Modem cinema with state of the art digital screening technology.
  • Receiving a copy of the handout with news and synopses of forthcoming films.
  • Discounted admission to most Noosa 5 Cinema screenings. Limited to one ticket per member per session. Membership cards must be presented to the cinema box office to obtain tickets and discounts.
  • Discount for choc tops (one choc top per member per session).
  • Discussing films with other members on our Facebook page.

Conditions of Membership

The Noosa Film Society is a "Members Only" society. Membership cards are non-transferable. Membership cards are for the use of the member only and cannot be lent or sold for use by anyone else.

The Noosa Film Society has arrangements with Noosa 5 Cinemas and distributors that give us substantial discounts on our screenings on the strict proviso that our screenings are members only. Breaches of these conditions could result in the loss of these discounts and substantially reduce the number of movies we show. Breaches may result in the rescinding of the membership. 

Members must provide a head and shoulders photograph for their non transferable membership card. The membership card will display your photo, your name and your membership number and no other personal information.

Your membership card will be electronically scanned before admission. Scanning of the cards provides the committee with information about attendance at screenings. Each membership is valid for use by the member for one session per screening. Membership cards must be presented at the door of the cinema along with a valid entry ticket.  If you do not have your card, a committee member will be there to assist. If you are a paid up member you will be admitted to see the movie, but please understand that you may be delayed entry while other members are admitted. 

Access to each Screening

Seating is not guaranteed at any of the four Noosa Film Society screenings held on a Wednesday. 

Tickets are available on the day of the screening and also up to seven days prior to the screening day from the Noosa 5 Cinema box office. As we are unable to guarantee a seat at a specific session, we suggest that members avail themselves of the ‘early ticket’ facility in order to ensure attendance at a screening of your choice. Our screening cinema has approximately 280 seats but as we have a very large membership, we suggest obtaining your ticket and being seated well before each screening starts. The 5:00 pm session is the most popular and it is possible for members to be turned away if the cinema is full, in which case you MAY BE ABLE TO attend the 7:15 pm session, SPACE PERMITTING.

Monday Night Screenings

Once a month we present a film that may have a more limited appeal to our members but has significant artistic merit or simply may be too long to be accommodated in the tight Wednesday schedule. Since there is only one screening at 6:30 pm on a Monday there is a risk that we may have insufficient seats for the number wishing to attend. Tickets for this screening are allocated seated so we encourage members to pick up their allocated seating ticket prior to the screening. Tickets are available from the Thursday before the Monday screening. The ticket will have an allocated seat number so there is no need to queue on the Monday to get your seat but you must occupy your allocated seat. 

Membership Renewals

The membership year commences on 1st October each year. Preferred payment of membership renewals is by direct debit. All members who have completed a direct debit form will have their membership renewed automatically in the first week of August.

Renewal payments can also be made by cheque or money order but must be received by 31st July.

Reserved Seats in the Right Hand Back Rows:

Please observe the “Reserved Seats” signs. These are for the committee members who are in the foyer. Seats are also reserved for members with special needs. If you have a special need, please make yourself known to a committee member. 

Censorship Classifications

The censorship classification of each of the films screened is given on the website, handout and reminder emails and consumer guidance (eg violence or explicit sexual scenes).

Lost Cards

Lost cards can be replaced for a cost of $10 by contacting the membership secretary ( You can still attend films whilst this process takes place – please speak to a committee member at the door.

Change of Address, Phone Number or Email

If you change your contact phone number, postal address or email address, please complete the Update Your Details form located on this site. Please note email reminders for forthcoming screenings are sent out by a self-managing site so if you don't update your email address you will no longer receive reminders.

Transferring Your Membership

Memberships cannot be transferred. Membership of the Noosa Film Society is managed through a waiting list as demand for membership exceeds availability. If you know someone who would like to become a member, please encourage them to complete the membership application form.

Members' Requests

Members are welcome to email suggestions for films; please note that we are aware of films that are reviewed in the press and on TV. It is the films that slip beneath the radar that we are most happy to learn about. Please check that we have not already screened the film by checking in the film archives section of this website.

Society Contact Details

For membership enquiries, contact our Membership Secretary at For payment enquiries, contact the Honorary Treasurer at For general enquiries, contact the President at Our postal address is PO Box 598, Noosa Heads 4567.

Upcoming Events & Info


In 2017 NFS purchased and donated two Canon digitial cameras to Noosa District High School for their Film, Television and New Media students.  Here is one of the genre trailers presented at their end of year 'Noscars' event - Agent of A.S.S. by Ben Axiak.

NOOSA 5 Screenings

Don't miss Rocketman, and Yesterday, directed by Danny Boyle. For details and screening times, please visit the Noosa Cinemas   website.


Wednesday screening times are 10:00am; 2:30pm; 5:00pm and 7:15pm.  Monday screening times are 10:00am and  6:30pm (with allocated seating).  Please give yourself plenty of time to park and buy your choc tops!

Diarise these Dates for 2019

July 17, 22, 31; August 14, 219, 28; September 11, 16; October 9, 23, 28; November 13, 18, 27; December 11.