The NFS is committed to promoting an appreciation of films of merit. The Society screens films and distributes information on these matters to its members. The NFS collects members' contact details to communicate with the membership and monitor attendances at screenings. Occasionally, the NFS surveys members' views relevant to the aims and objectives of the NFS.

Member privacy is important to us. If you have any queries after reading through our privacy policy, these can be directed to:

The information that is collected

As a member of our Society, we will generally collect the following particulars of you personal information in order to properly document your membership and keep you appraised as to activities of our Society:
a) your name and contact details
b) your means of payment of annual fees
c) your photograph

It is noted that a member's banking details are not stored electronically by the Society, but are held by our Bank to allow processing of Direct Debits.

How this information is used

We use this information to advise members of matters related to achieving the NFS objectives.

Members will not be discriminated against based on any information or details collected by the NFS.

On purchase or issue of cinema tickets, NFS membership cards are scanned. This provides statistical information about attendance at screenings. This information is used to assist with managing membership numbers and seating capacity in the cinema. Information about attendance allows the NFS:
a) to determine wether members adhere to NFS rules relating to attendance and to act accordingly
b) to provide attendance numbers to distributors
c) to ensure entry is restricted to members only for insurance purposes

Online Visitors

We collect website activity statistics such as the number of visitors, pages visited, time and date of visit and how the website was accessed, so that we can make informed decisions to improve our website and the services we deliver.

Our website may from time to time contain links to other websites. These websites are not administered by our Society and as such may abide by a privacy policy or standard that differs to this document.


Cookies are software tools that allow the website owner to keep track of the how a member is using the website and moves from one screen to another. Some of this tracking is necessary to allow the website to function and some to maintain the statistics mentioned above. Whilst it is possible for a member to disallow Cookies in the Settings in their computer, you may find that this affects your access to some areas of the website.

Security of your Personal Information

We take all reasonable steps to protect the personal and sensitive information we hold concerning members against misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. These steps include password protection for accessing our electronic IT system, securing paper files in locked cabinets, physical access restrictions. Only authorised personal are permitted to access the personal information we hold. 

NFS member details will not be shared with any third party without members' consent. The Society will not contact members regarding any matter unrelated to the aims and objectives of the NFS.





Upcoming Events & Info


In 2017 NFS purchased and donated two Canon digitial cameras to Noosa District High School for their Film, Television and New Media students.  Here is one of the genre trailers presented at their end of year 'Noscars' event - Agent of A.S.S. by Ben Axiak.

NOOSA 5 Screenings

Don't miss Rocketman,Top End Wedding and Poms. For details and screening times, please visit the Noosa Cinemas   website.


Wednesday screening times are 10:00am; 2:30pm; 5:00pm and 7:15pm.  Monday screening times are 10:00am and  6:30pm (with allocated seating).  Please give yourself plenty of time to park and buy your choc tops!

Diarise these Dates for 2019

June 12, 17, 26; July 17, 22, 31; August 14, 219, 28; September 11, 16; October 9, 23, 28; November 13, 18, 27; December 11.