About the Noosa Film Society

Nominations were received by the Secretary
for positions on the 2017 NFS Committee
and were approved at the AGM on
Wednesday 8th of March

President             Holly Pittman
Vice President    Susan Nyman
Secretary             Noel Simpson
Treasurer             Lucy Field
Membership        David Reading


Ruth Baker
Dana Carey
Simon Deamer
Rose Grogan
David Eaves
Ron Jadach
Shirley Page
Lenette Paul
Annemarie Rutledge
Ulrike Sturm

With over 1700 members the Noosa Film Society is the largest such society in Australia 

The Noosa Film Society is a registered Not-for-Profit organisation and was established in 1979 to encourage interest in film as an art form. At first, movies were screened at the golf club to a small group of film enthusiasts once a month. Several years later, screenings were moved to the Noosa Arts Theatre where they continued to play until the cinema in Noosa Junction was built. 

Regular Screenings

Film Society screenings are scheduled on average twice a month on Wednesdays, with four screenings – 10 am, 2:30 pm, 5 pm and 7:15 pm. Most months an additional single screening is arranged on a Monday evening for a film that we believe is of special merit but may have a more limited interest within the membership. 

To attend a screening Members take their Photo ID Membership card to the Noosa 5 Cinema Box Office to receive a free cinema ticket. This can be obtained at any time from the Thursday prior to the day of the screening. When attending the screening a Member hands in their ticket to a Committee Member at the door and at the same time also shows their Membership Card.

All Screenings are restricted to members only. Members may not share their membership card with non-members when they are away or not personally attending a given movie. This restriction is imposed by our film industry suppliers who are providing the society with preferential pricing for the hire of the movies and the use of the cinema. Any member who breaks this ruling is liable to lose their membership of the society.  


Membership is not open to anyone under the age of 18 due to classification of many of the films that are shown.

Membership runs from October to September and confirmation of renewals takes place each year in August at which time existing members can rejoin or end their membership. 

Applications for membership can be lodged through the website at any time and applicants are placed on our Waiting List.. New members are invited to transfer from the Waiting List in September each year, subject to the total numbers of members that we can accommodate.

We monitor the number of members who are attending each screening to ensure as far as possible that everyone who wishes to view a film has the opportunity of doing so. The 5 pm and 7.15 pm screening times are the most popular but the morning or afternoon sessions so far are never full.

As the membership has grown over the years, the society has arranged to provide additional screening times to ensure all members have access to every movie being presented.

Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of Member Information collected and held by the Society is an important issue and our Privacy Policy can be viewed at the following link   
Privacy Policy

Tickets for Screenings 

Tickets for each screening can be obtained from the Thursday in advance from the cinema box office to allow a member to be sure of a seat at a given screening time. Tickets can of course be collected immediately prior to a screening but there is then a risk that all seats for that screening may have already been issued. The member must present their membership card at the Box office to receive a ticket for a screening. When attending the screening a Member hands in their ticket to a Committee Member at the door and at the same time also shows their Membership Card. As mentioned earlier, only members can attend a screening and tickets may not be given to a friend to attend in place of the member. 

The Committee

Every member of the society may make themselves available to serve on the committee and in the first instance they should notify the secretary of their interest. 

The Society holds an AGM every March to report on the previous year's activity and every member is invited to attend. This is held immediately prior to one of the Wednesday screenings and notices are sent out to all members by email. 

A major role of the committee each month is to explore what new films are being released and to decide which films to select for showing to the members. Typically films which have been recognised or in receipt of awards at international film festivals are high on the list of those selected. If a film is expected to be shown commercially in Noosa or maybe even Maroochydore, then the society will not select that film so our choices are usually the only opportunity for our members to see that film locally.  

Committee Members 


Vice President - SUSAN NYMAN

Hon Secretary – NOEL SIMPSON


Hon Treasurer - LUCY FIELD


Membership - DAVID READING







Annemarie Rutledge

Simon Deamer

Rose Grogan

Dana Carey

David Eaves


Money matters should be emailed to       treasurer@noosafilmsoc.org

General business should be emailed to   secretary@noosafilmsoc.org 

Membership items should be emailed to  membership@noosafilmsoc.org 

Postal address   PO Box 598      Noosa Heads     4567



Upcoming Events & Info

Noosa 5

With the Oscars fast approaching, don't miss Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri nominated for 13 awards and I, Tonya, now screening at Noosa 5 cinemas.  Coming soon - Darkest Hour, with an amazing performance by Gary Oldman. Check the website for all details.

Collect your new membership card!

Your new photo ID cards can be collected at any NFS screening.  If you haven't sent in a photo, please email your photo to marketing@noosafilmsoc.org  Membership cards must be presented at the door at all NFS screenings so don't leave your card at home.


Wednesday screening times are 10:00am; 2:30pm; 5:00pm and 7:15pm.  Monday screening time is 6:30pm only.  Please give yourself plenty of time to park and buy your choc tops!

Diarise these Dates for 2018

February 14, 19, 28; March 14, 19, 28; April 18, 30; May 9, 23, 28; June 13, 18, 27; July 16, 25; August 8, 22, 27 September 12, 24; October 10, 24, 29; November 14, 19, 28; December 12.