The first step to becoming a Member of the Society is to complete separate form (see below) for each person, and that places them on our Wait List

It is necessary that you give a different email address for each person and we appreciate that some people share their partners email address. In this case the second person to apply should use the same email address but with the PreFix     NFS_

Eg       and then for the next person

This is a constraint in the design of the membership software that we use, but it does mean that even though the second email address is just a Dummy, we can tell how that person can be contacted.

After inviting 250 people from the Wait List to become members as at 1st October 2017, with the new applications received since that date we now have over 250 back on the Wait List, most of whom we would ideally seek to make active members at as 1st October 2018.Any new applicants as this stage need to understand that it is likely to be at least 1st October 2019 before they would become active members and be able to attend our screenings                  

All Member information is collected, used and stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available
here (link to Privacy Policy) 

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we use your information. By providing this information you consent to us contacting you about matters related to the aims and objectives of the NFS              


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Upcoming Events & Info

Noosa 5

With the Oscars fast approaching, don't miss Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri nominated for 13 awards and I, Tonya, now screening at Noosa 5 cinemas.  Coming soon - Darkest Hour, with an amazing performance by Gary Oldman. Check the website for all details.

Collect your new membership card!

Your new photo ID cards can be collected at any NFS screening.  If you haven't sent in a photo, please email your photo to  Membership cards must be presented at the door at all NFS screenings so don't leave your card at home.


Wednesday screening times are 10:00am; 2:30pm; 5:00pm and 7:15pm.  Monday screening time is 6:30pm only.  Please give yourself plenty of time to park and buy your choc tops!

Diarise these Dates for 2018

February 14, 19, 28; March 14, 19, 28; April 18, 30; May 9, 23, 28; June 13, 18, 27; July 16, 25; August 8, 22, 27 September 12, 24; October 10, 24, 29; November 14, 19, 28; December 12.