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Upcoming Events & Info

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Your new photo ID cards can be collected at any NFS screening.  If you haven't sent in a photo, please email your photo to marketing@noosafilmsoc.org  Membership cards must be presented at the door at all NFS screenings so don't leave your card at home.


Wednesday screening times are 10:00am; 2:30pm; 5:00pm and 7:15pm.  Monday screening time is 6:30pm only.  Please give yourself plenty of time to park and buy your choc tops!

Noosa 5 Cinema

Maudie continues to screen from Thursday 23 November - an amazing performance by Sally Hawkins and shot on location in Newfoundland. Contact Noosa 5 for further details.

Diarise these Dates for 2017-2018

November 8, 22, 27; December 6;

Dates for 2018
February 14, 19, 28; March 14, 19, 28; April 18, 30; May 9, 23, 28; June 13, 18, 27; July 16, 25; August 8, 22, 27 September 12, 24; October 10, 24, 29; November 14, 19, 28; December 12.