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The Dancer


THE DANCER - Wednesday 6th December 2017 

Directed by Stephanie Di Guisto
112 mins


Nothing in her background destined Louie Fuller (SOKO), born in the American Midwest, to become the toast of the Belle Epoque cabarets – or to perform at the Paris Opera. Hidden behind metres of silk, her arms extended by wooden rods, the athletic Louie was able to reinvent her body on stage with her revolutionary “Serpentine” dance.


Dazzling the capital, she became an icon. Eminent admirers such as Toulouse-Lautrec, the Lumiere Brothers and Rodin fell at her feet. Louie never faltered in the quest to perfect her art. It was Louie’s meeting with Isadora Duncan (LILLY-ROSE DEPP) that threatened everything – her stature, her confidence and her sanity.


“Electrifying , a spirited fully committed portrayal that allows you to observe a quintessential artist from the outside in” – The Film Stage

“A solid period drama rather than an insightful biographical study”. – Travis Johnson, Filmink


“A rich life then: great creativity, great loves, great impact.” – Paul Byrnes, Sydney Morning Herald

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