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The Man from Snowy River


The Man from Snowy River - Monday 13 August 2018 6.30pm
Directed by George T. Miller
Australian Drama/Romance
102 mins

Inspired by an epic poem by A.B. “Banjo” Paterson, The Man from Snowy River’ was a major step forward for the regenerated Australian film industry of the early 1980s. This ‘down-under western’ spotlights Tom Burlinson as Jim Craig, a headstrong young man who goes to work for a powerful cattle baron. Jim falls in love with Jessica (Sigrid Thornton), his boss’ daughter and becomes enmeshed in a bitter land feud. Kirk Douglas has a high old time in the dual role of hard-hearted landowner Harrison and grizzled, one-legged prospector Spur. Previously filmed in 1920, The Man from Snowy River’ was directed by the other George Miller…not the director of the same name who helmed Mad Max (1979).

Nominated for a Golden Globe Award, the movie was AFI winner for Best Original Music Score and winner of the Most Popular Film Award at the Montreal World Film Festival.


“The combination of its elements touches the Australian heart, elevating the ethos of a big, wonderful land and its hard-headed, big hearted people on the screen. Andrew L. Urban – Urban Cinefile

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